We Grow Business

The team at JamesDugan takes great pride in providing our clients top quality services and products that are developed and executed completely in-house.  There are very few agencies in South Dakota and the region with complete in-house capabilities. We are proud to also provide an in-house, fully high-definition, fully digital production facility.  We are well prepared and experienced in all aspects of marketing, advertising, communications and creative development, and are ready to roll up our sleeves and help grow your business!

Our Process


First, we roll up our sleeves and ask some questions-questions about your audience, your market, your competition, your strengths, and your obstacles. Basically, we figure out where you are now and where it is you want to be.


Once we have a clear plan in place, we put it into action. We get the ball rolling, executing the right message in the right context in the right medium in order to connect people to your brand and move them to take action.


Finally, you get the tangible results that are crucial for achieving the goals of your business. We’ll savor the sweet taste of victory with you for a bit before we start all over again with bigger and even more ambitious goals.

Our Team

JamesDugan President

Jim Lather


JamesDugan Partner

Darren Kuyper


JamesDugan Design Employee

Travis Quam

Creative Director

JamesDugan Executive Producer Employee

Sean Huset

Executive Producer

JamesDugan Video Employee

Ryan Hagen

Senior Video Editor

JamesDugan Sales Employee

Sunshine Cady

Sales Executive

JamesDugan Media Buyer Employee

Jamie Beskow

Media Buyer

JamesDugan Accounting Employee

Karen Wilber


JamesDugan Video Employee

Mike Stefl


JamesDugan Video Employee

Vitaliy Verbovsky


JamesDugan Video Employee

Drysen Carsten


JamesDugan Accounting Employee

Jami Groen

Project Manager

JamesDugan Design Employee

Molly Meester

Graphic Designer

Ashley Curtis

Graphic Designer


JamesDugan takes tremendous pride in providing our clients top quality products that are developed and executed completely in-house.  

There are no current job openings, but we are always on the lookout for hard-working, talented people. Drop us a line if you that might be you.