Brand Strategy

JamesDugan Blog Article on Brand Strategy

A vast combination of elements go into creating a brand identity for a business such as a logo, tagline and physical marketing materials that define your company’s values and traits. A brand identity helps create a voice for your brand and creates an image of the company in the minds of consumers. When your company has a clear brand identity it’s easier for clients to understand what products and services your company has to offer.

Whether you’re starting a new company and need to create a new, updated image, or you want to rebrand your existing company, start by analyzing your business and then decide which direction to go. To decide what brand identity your business should have, you can start by conducting a brand audit and answer the following four questions:

1. What are your brand’s position/values?

It’s important to determine your brand’s values and carry them through the entire branding process. Determine the company’s priorities, mission statements and relationship with the community. Your values should show through every marketing aspect, your employees, and through your products and services.

2. What is your brand personality?

How would you like consumers to view your brand? Do you want to portray a fun, playful company, or a serious business that gets straight to the point? For instance, hospitals wouldn’t portray a comical message, but rather a serious, and caring personality.

3. What does your brand promise?

What products and services does your business promise to the clients? When a client comes to your business, what are they expecting? Be sure what they expect and what they get is aligned.

4. Who is your audience?

Decide which demographics your business should target. You won’t be able to appeal to everyone, by selecting a specific target audience you’ll be more successful in connecting with consumers who are interested in your product or service.

All the elements that go into building a brand identity need to be strategic and reinforce the overall message and goals of the business. If your brand correctly represents your business and it’s values while meeting the needs of the target audience, it will attract the right clients. From there you can start building a reputation and gaining repeat business increasing your brand recognition. If you’re looking for assistance in branding, the experts at JamesDugan will develop a plan to connect people to your brand that will move them to take action.

Apr 05, 2017