Elevate Your Brand – Literally!

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A significant portion of traditional advertising is out-of-home advertising. Faced with the undeniable rise of online advertising, clients may wonder how effective more traditional methods are, but there’s still a secure place in advertising for out-of-home methods like radio and billboards.

Drivers still spend many hours in their car each week, and they can, and often do, make decisions spontaneously, while they’re behind the wheel. This is where the timeliness of billboards comes into play. If a person sees a billboard, they can decide to stop at a business.

Although not all billboard ads lead to an immediate purchase, they are excellent for building brand recognition and recall. If a viewer doesn’t need your product or service at that moment, they will still be more likely to think of your brand when they do. Billboards help create awareness, which drives sales.

There are tips and techniques you can follow to capture the attention of your audience through billboard advertisements.

Keep it simple.

Typically, you will only have 5-10 seconds to show your message. You should use eight words or less, and the font should be legible. Avoid using all caps. The more words and graphics on the billboard, the less people will be able to take in.

Don’t pack it with contact information.

When a person is driving they aren’t going to write down a phone number or address from a billboard. They will remember the name, and Google it later. The contact details should be saved for print, email or similar types of advertisements.

Get impressions.

Billboards help build brand recognition through impressions. It is important to know your audience and decide on an appropriate location for your ad. Billboards help you get your message out to lots of people, and you can reach even more if you place the ad on multiple billboards in different locations.

Jan 05, 2016