Email - Dead or Alive?

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The debate about email marketing rages on – is email dead or alive?

We are here to say that email is alive and well. In fact, according to the Radicatti Group, there are 2.586 billion email users worldwide.

To ensure that your business is using email to its full potential, focus on sending emails that are valuable to the customer and include a clear call-to-action. Here are a few types of emails that you can send to help increase your email ROI.


These emails are a solid way to share content from your blog or news section. They can be short and sweet, and you can effectively direct traffic to your website by linking its URL in the content. These types of emails can help build relationships with your clients and inform them of your brand.

Product updates

Chipmunk Mail Server says the average open rate for retail emails is 21.40 percent, so there’s still interest in these types of emails. Retail emails can feature new inventory details and upcoming sales. It’s important to have good visuals of the products, as potential buyers are more likely to buy something they can see. Custora, a predictive marketing platform, says 25.1 percent of sales on Black Friday came from email marketing. Email marketing is still relevant to retail companies.

Digital newsletters

Monthly or quarterly company newsletters should always be sent out digitally because their call-to-action is a great tool for building your email list. Digital newsletters will help lead traffic to your website and improve brand awareness. As an added bonus, digital newsletters can include blog links or even videos that couldn’t be included in a physical mailer.

Company updates

You know the saying: the cobbler’s children have no shoes. It often rings true for the digital strategies of companies today. Oftentimes, they are so focused on what is going on with their clients that they forget to show what is going on inside their own company. Emails focused on company culture are a great way to develop relationships with your clients. Clients will often like getting to know your team as you get to know theirs.

As you can see, email is an extremely effective marketing strategy for your business, and you should make consistent email campaigns an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. JamesDugan has extensive experience in developing and executing these cost-effective campaigns, and if you would like additional information, we welcome the opportunity to talk with you!

Jun 17, 2016