Outside The Ordinary

With marketing, social media, and design, it’s essential to reach a little outside of the comfort zone. If it’s predictable, too staged, or stiff, you will come across that way on the big screen. Marketing is a form of art - from the logo on your print pieces, to the campaigns executed on your social profiles; every part helps you to create a beautiful masterpiece that is your brand.

How can you take your brand to that level of excellence? The answer is a little frightening, but definitely compelling. Your campaign must be big, it must be different than any other campaign you have made in the past, and it must be brilliantly executed. Here’s how.

Get people curious.

Curiosity is one of the most powerful human emotions. Get someone curious in your brand and your company, and he or she will spend their precious, limited time trying to imagine what you can do for them!

Bring out the emotion.

Don’t be afraid to captivate your audience emotionally. Tug at their heartstrings; give them a reason to remember you.


This is probably the most fun, and perhaps easiest element! Do what will make your audience interested! Get them involved!


Your audience is looking for something real - give them something original, and new. Appeal to their need of authenticity and you’ll be certain to engage their interest.

Following these 4 principles will help strengthen your brand - your message won’t be forgotten, and customers will learn to appreciate and respect your company.

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone! Need more ideas? Our creative juices are always flowing - we’re passionate about helping your brand stand apart. Give us a shout, and we’ll help you out! 

Jul 20, 2015