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All About Our Intern

Tags: Social

The Video Department at JamesDugan expanded to incorporate an internship this summer and couldn’t be happier with our temporary addition! Meet Sam, our Video Editing Assistant Intern!

Less Is More

Tags: Branding | Strategy

When Sioux Empire Safety Village first came to JamesDugan with the need of an impactful campaign focused on impaired teen driving, and highlighting their ‘simulated reality driving program’, we knew we would need to master the art of simplicity. Read More »

Brand Integrity

Tags: Strategy | Branding

The integrity of your brand is carried and communicated in your employees, customer service, design of your store/office, cleanliness of your store/office, and through your audience’s word of mouth. Read More »

Elevate Your Brand – Literally!

A significant portion of traditional advertising is out-of-home advertising. Faced with the undeniable rise of online advertising, clients may wonder how effective more traditional methods are. Read More »

The Pros Of Physical Mailers

In the current environment of digital, there are many marketers who are wondering - are physical mailers still successful?. The answer to this question is yes, if your company and brand align Read More »