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All About Our Intern

Tags: Social

The Video Department at JamesDugan expanded to incorporate an internship this summer and couldn’t be happier with our temporary addition! Meet Sam, our Video Editing Assistant Intern!

Embracing Heritage With Storytelling

Tags: Writing

With the wealth of information that overruns the Internet today, it is hard to capture the attention of an audience. Hundreds of thousands of companies are competing head-to-head to see who can push Read More »

The Pros Of Physical Mailers

In the current environment of digital, there are many marketers who are wondering - are physical mailers still successful?. The answer to this question is yes, if your company and brand align Read More »

Think Before You Tweet

Tags: Social | Strategy

Twitter may seem like just another social profile to manage and monitor; however, it’s essential to extend your voice and make a tweet-worthy post. In other words, it’s important use Twitter Read More »

Slick Email Segmentations Strategies

Learn about how you can use segmented emails to improve open rates. Read More »