Bring It All Together

Our services include marketing and business strategy solutions, research, complete video/audio production, television production, web design and development, social media/digital marketing, graphic design, public relations, and media procurement and placement services. Our size allows us to be a very nimble and responsive agency, able to react to market conditions quickly, and provide fast turnaround as needed, while providing the very best in creative thought and strategic direction.


The most overlooked aspect of marketing and advertising is a solid strategy.  It's not just about what needs to happen next week to drive sales, or next month to get more people in the door.  It's not about whether you should make your logo bigger in your next ad, or if you should buy the 'deal of the day' when your radio rep calls. Solid strategic direction is the foundation for all aspects of your brand, position, marketing, advertising, budget allocation, media, web presence, and the list goes on.  It guides the route you take to achieve your company's goals and determines the creative message you communicate to the masses. 


It’s always nice to hear how good our work is…  Clients, businesses, and even our industry colleagues tell us things like, "Ya know, your stuff is really great", and "I caught one of your shows last night and thought I was watching HGTV”, or perhaps best of all, a simple "Wow!" It’s good to hear, because we put a lot of energy in making the best commercials, promos, videos and television shows in the region. Whether we’re shooting in our sweet studio or on-location, we’ll produce it, shoot it, post it…  and make it rock!


Like casting a net over your entire audience, JamesDugan knows how to capture and engage your target audience by creating effective and compelling campaigns.   The net may be created from a unique blend of mediums, but we’ll ensure that it works within your budget and that it’s effective.  It’s a killer tactic when properly executed, so whether your net is made up of going out on the airwaves, through a new website, brochure, in-store merchandising, corporate communications or a complete re-branding of your company, let our talent and experience ensure it’s done right. 


Over 70% of people will look for your business info online before ever picking up a phone book. Now, imagine you’re one of your potential customers searching for businesses like yours to make a buying decision. Do they find you near the top of the list on Google?  If they find your website, what is their immediate impression of your business (you have between 5 - 8 seconds to grab ‘em)?  Poor design and clumsy navigation will drive away over 50% of your potential customers.  

We know these things, and we know how to make websites that work hard for your business, engage your customers and compel action.  Take a look at what we’ve done and you’ll understand the difference between businesses that say, "Yeah…I have a website, too. Ain’t it cool?” and "My website is, without a doubt, the most important and useful marketing tool in my arsenal.”